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Friday, June 13, 2014

#HowTo: Easily Clean Your MakeUp Brushes

Hi guys...
This post is to share how Edelweiss likes to clean her makeup brushes easily.. :D
We don't need those kinds of brush cleansers..

What you need:
1. baby shampoo
2. brushes (of course)
3. water
4. dry cloth / tissue

1. make the brushes wet
2. squeeze some amount of the baby shampoo stuff on your hand, put water
3. swirl your brush on your hand with the shampoo until it's clean :D
4. remove the soap on the brush and on your hand by running it through water
5. squeeze out the excess water
6. make the brush even dryer by putting in on the cloth and wait until the next day

I usually do this every three days in the evening and we can use the brush again the next day..
Dirty brushes can irritate your face, break you out because there's so many bacteria in the brush..
Also if your eye shadow brush is dirty, it will make the eye shadow colour that we use turn into another colour, and of course we don't ever want that to happen, right?

That's it on how to clean your brushes, hope you like it :)
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